AI Technology

Optimizing energy production to improve the quality of air we breathe.

Market Leading Economic and Environmental Impact

1 - 3%

Reduction in coal use and CO2/toxic emissions


Minimum projected return on annual software subscription 


Additional capital investment required for installation

Game Changing Technology

AI Energy Technologies has created a breakthrough system called Navigator after 9 years of research and development, with recent 2 year deployment in a major European utility.

The system utilizes Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to achieve significant energy production cost efficiencies and emission reductions.

Navigator enables plant operators to produce the same amount of energy with less fossil fuels.

Multiple Applications

Coal Fired Power Units

Navigator’s first deployment was at a major European coal plant. During the first 2 years of operation, an independent audit was performed that validated Navigator’s savings potential to be between 1% – 3% resulting in significant emissions and cost reduction.

Combined Cycle Natural Gas

Navigator technology has also been designed to improve efficiency in Combined Cycle plants and its first deployments are now underway. One of the main new features in this application is a new Gas Commitment Prediction Optimizer.

The Problem

The volatility in fossil fuel markets has caused utilities to experience energy production cost increases at unprecedented magnitude. 

Additionally, in 2022, related CO2 emissions from fossil fuel based energy production have ballooned to over 36 billion tons, driven by the world’s increasing demand for energy.

Consequently, utilities are seeking innovative ways to address these critical production cost issues and to minimize the damage created by continued reliance on burning fossil fuels. 

The Navigator Solution

  • Patented technology based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that optimizes energy production and reduces toxic emissions.
  • Audited results validate 1% – 3% efficiency improvement saving millions of dollars and tons of CO2 annually.

  • Requires no upfront investment in hardware, can be installed and fully operational within 3 months, and produces a positive ROI in the first year.
“It can be determined with high accuracy that the use of the AI Energy Technologies’ technology will result in an average efficiency improvement from 1.23% to 3.05%.”

Significant Multi-Tiered Benefits

Utilities remain under increasing public pressure to create cleaner forms of energy.  Installing Navigator enables utilities to: 

  • Be recognized for investing in Artificial Intelligence technology to reduce toxic emissions.
  • Reduce the amount of fossil fuels burned, while maintaining a stable source of electricity for their customers.
  • Deploy a proven solution that will produce immediate positive ROI.

AI Energy Technologies Navigator Platform

Optimization of power production and reduction of emissions.
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Key functionalities and benefits

Real-time optimization

Navigator is designed to support real-time optimization of energy production.

Fully compatible

Navigator customizes its operating system to the needs of the utility and runs on any plant application.

Numerous applications

Navigator has been initially designed to work in coal and Combined Cycle plants and can also be applied to many other types of energy production.

Secure implementation

Navigator is installed on dedicated, secure servers and does not interfere with existing control systems. All data is encrypted.

Optimize your energy production efficiency today