Success With a Commitment to Do Good

Since 1983, our parent company Crowley Technologies has been developing and deploying innovative technologies around the world.
We built and owned the largest wireless broadband network in Central Europe and experienced how increasing energy costs and toxic emissions were harming our customers.

As a result, we founded AI Energy Technologies to develop a way to improve their quality of life by reducing energy costs and all toxic air emissions from fossil fuel energy production.

We have co-arranged approximately $4.5 billion in financing and partnered with companies and investors including:

The Problem: Reducing Energy Production Costs and Toxic Emissions

The volatility in fossil fuel markets has caused utilities to experience energy production cost increases of unprecedented magnitude.
Consequently, utilities are seeking innovative ways to address these critical production cost issues and to minimize the damage created by continued reliance on the burning of fossil fuels.

Utilities Are Facing Conflicting Objectives

To simultaneously satisfy regulators and their customers’ needs, they must:

Reduce All Air Emissions

Comply With Environmental Regulations

Limit Energy Production Costs

The Solution: Produce The Same Amount of Energy With Less Fossil Fuel

AI Energy Technologies has developed and successfully completed a 2 year deployment at a major European utility that has proven to create significant operating cost savings.

    • Patented technology called Navigator based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning optimizes energy production and reduces toxic emissions.


    • Audited results validate 1% – 3% efficiency improvement saving millions of dollars and tons of CO2 annually.


    • Requires no upfront investment in hardware, can be installed and fully operational within 3 months, and produces a positive ROI to the utility in the first year.


  • Navigator offers utilities the ability to create the same amount of energy with less fossil fuel, while minimizing related CO2 emissions.