Game Changing Environmental Impact

Through the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, AI Energy Technologies has created a game changing technology that plays a powerful role in reducing CO2 emissions by enabling power production efficiencies in power plants without the need for additional hardware or costly installation.  This can be accomplished immediately while providing significant positive financial ROI to utility companies.

Net Zero Commitment

The United Nations has stated that climate change is the defining issue of our time and right now is our defining moment. The UN objective is to achieve Net Zero by 2050.
Much of the world is focused on creating clean energy such as solar and wind. However, the reality that we face today is that these solutions cannot be built fast enough to keep up with unprecedented demand for energy.
Thus, to reduce the additional CO2 emissions generated by continued fossil fuel use to achieve Net Zero, we must immediately deploy new technologies.

Understanding and Addressing The Cause of CO2 Emissions

There are some basic well-established scientific links:

The Worsening Energy Crisis

Regrettably, the current energy crisis mandates that fossil fuel based utilities must still be relied upon to meet increasing energy demands.

During this required period of continued coal use, utility companies must adopt solutions to reduce CO2 emissions by increasing energy production efficiency.
These solutions must be low cost and immediately deployable, so as not to affect the utility’s long term investment in cleaner forms of energy.

AI Technology: Cleaner Air - Greener Energy

AI Energy Technologies was founded to help improve the air quality of global communities by enabling utilities to increase the energy production efficiency of power plants.

After 9 years of R&D, AI Energy Technologies has created a breakthrough technology called Navigator which has been deployed in a major European utility and will soon be deployed in the U.S.
This technology utilizing Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning has achieved game changing energy production cost efficiencies and emission reductions of 1% – 3% annually.

Navigator enables plant operators to reduce fossil fuel consumption and toxic emissions, while producing the same amount of energy.

A Proven Solution

The Center for National Research and Development of the Polish Government conducted an extensive audit of Navigator’s deployment in a Polish state utility and concluded the following…

Potential Emissions Reduction in the U.S. Alone Equivalent to 10.9 Million Solar Homes

Active U.S. Coal-Fired and Combined Cycle units’ CO2 emission:

1.579 billion tons

Per year

If Navigator were to be installed at each of the 962 target units, it could result in a CO2 emission reduction of as much as:

47 million tons

Per year
This CO2 reduction is equivalent to transitioning up to:

10.9 million homes to renewable energy

Navigator’s optimization engine can be immediately deployed, creates a positive ROI anddoes not require any investment in new hardware.

Emissions Reduction Equivalent Without $174.4 Billion Investment

At the end of 2022, U.S. had a total of 3.2 million homes powered by solar.

The average cost to install Solar on a home in the U.S. is $16,000*.

Installing solar on a total of 10.9 million homes would cost $174.4 billion.

What is even more critical during this energy crisis is timing.

If U.S. utilities made the commitment, Navigator could be fully deployed with no requirement to source and install upfront hardware and be operational in a very short amount of time.

Creating cleaner air while producing positive ROI for utility companies.

Potential Annual Energy Efficiency Savings For U.S Utilities

AI Energy Technologies conducted a detailed study of the impact which deploying Navigator in all of the United States active coal-fired and combined cycle units would have on energy production economics and emission reductions.

Installing Navigator into each of the 962 current operating units in the United States would provide enormous annual economic savings. The charts below illustrate potential savings based on Navigator’s audited performance improvement at different price levels.

Potential Savings of U.S Coal Units

Potential Savings of U.S Combined Cycle Units

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